Publish0x is an interesting blog platform that recently launched. Unlike Medium or Steemit, Publish0x allows readers (yes, you!) to claim rewards by reading the article! Join Here’s:

Step 1: Read an interesting article on Publish0x

Publish0x just started but it already has many pages of articles. Browse through and find one that catches your eye! Each article will have a section at the end that lets you claim rewards for yourself and for the author.

Step 2: Tip! It’s free!

Tips are free for you and the author; they come from a pool of coins set aside by Publish0x.

In the tipping section you can toggle the proportion of rewards between you and the author. If you’re feeling generous, you could set it to 100% for the author. Otherwise the default is 20:80 with 80% of the tip going to the author. The best part is, none of this comes from your wallet!

This is the section you’re looking for

Step 3: Repeat

You can tip each author once per day. A timer will appear when you tip and to tip again you just have to wait the required time, nothing else needs to be done. (You can still go around tipping other authors though)

Once you have accumulated enough coins on Publish0x, go to the profile/settings page and initiate a withdrawal to a ETH wallet. Disclaimer here: I have not yet tried the withdraw feature and will definitely update once I do.

Parting Notes

This concept is the first I’ve seen in the market and I’m excited by the potential! It acknowledges that the reader is half of the equation and rewards both parties for their brief connection over the article topic.

Try it right now just below! Feel free to set to 50:50 or whatever proportion you like.

How Can I Contact You

You can reach us through the following channels: