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What do you think when you just watch the internet and receive money without investing anything. This seems unbelievable but with the explosion of the Blockchain platform, that is certainly true. All in Brave browser, let’s VN Best Life learn Brave browser is, download Brave browser and make money from Brave offline.

A – What is Brave browser?

Brave  is a browser based on the first blockchain that blocks ad blocking and at the same time rewards crypto to users if they agree to receive ads (but still retain their personal data). The appearance of the Brave project   is currently changing the game in online advertising in particular and the internet in general. The project was developed under the supervision of Javascript creator and co-founder Mozilla Brendan Eich aiming to distribute over 70% of advertising revenue between token  BAT users  ( Basic Attention Token ).

Currently,  BAT token is being used mainly to tip website publishers, Youtube channels and Twitch streamers for bringing high quality content to the online community. Based on another announcement, Brave  is preparing to add tip features to Twitter and Reddit posts in the fourth quarter of 2018.

After enabling the payment system through the browser settings page, users can link their social network accounts to the BAT wallet   in the Brave browser   and can both reward and accept bonuses from users. other. For example: a user likes a tweet, he will reward  BAT  for that tweet.

B – How to make money from Brave

As Vn Best Life mentioned above, Brave can help you to earn money by rewarding mechanism for users (use Brave as a browser to view online news, do not turn on blocking ads on brave) and Content publishers (owners of websites, content that is accessed by others on the Brave browser).

For example: When you use Brave browser to access, view content on website vnbestlife.com, we will receive bonus from Brave. Conversely You will also receive a bonus from Brave when accepting both watching the web and not turning on Brave’s ad blocking function (which means you accept to see ads from other units running on Brave browser And Brave will take this cost to you Of course, not You only watch the ads but the images, banner ads on the website instead of being turned off will appear as usual You still see with Chrome).

C – Brave’s reward mechanism

Brave will reward you through BAT (Basic Attention Token) – Utility Tokens based on Ethereum technology can also be used as a payment unit between advertisers, publishers and users in the platform. Digital services and ads based on the new blockchain. BAT code works on Brave platform.

The current price of the BAT on Coin Market Cap (CMC) and the position of the BAT coin is ranked 22nd on the table of electronic currencies present on CMC

D – Download Brave browser

Because Brave can earn money, so many fake links aim to misrepresent your information or earn your BAT illegally. Therefore I leave the original link to download Brave browser here for you to minimize those illegal links.

 👉 Brave download link for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 32 bit versions:

Brave browser

 👉 Brave download link for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 64 bit versions:

Brave browser

 👉 Link download Brave for phones running Android:

Brave browser

👉  Link download Brave for phones running iOS:

Brave browser

E – Instructions for making money from Brave

Step 1: Install Brave

After you have downloaded Brave on 1 of 4 links above you open the installation file.

Brave installation is quick and easy, less than 1 minute after double clicking on the installation file you just downloaded.

And this is Brave Browser interface when the installation is complete, You can choose Use Brave to set as default.

At the top right of the browser, you will see the symbol of Brave, the orange lion head. Clicking it will give you a drop-down menu where you can see the option to enable / disable the built-in ad blocker and other features.

Step 2: Open the Brave account

Click on the image and select  Brave Rewards

What is Brave browser?  Guide to making money from Brave

Set up Brave Payment (online wallet for Brave users):  Click on the image below to turn on ON mode and drag the authentic triangle as required.

What is Brave browser?  Guide to making money from Brave

After this step You have received 25 BAT (equivalent to 7.82 USD, at the time of writing this article). With this money, you will use it to donate to content publishers (Content Publisher) as Website, YouTube channel that you love.

Note: This is the Brave’s Grand program for monthly users, if you haven’t received it yet, please wait for the next month.

On the phone running the Android operating system, type the following into the address bar to join the reward program: chrome: // rewards

On phones running iOS operating systems that have not been received yet, please download and browse the web normally and wait for the next updates of Brave

Step 3: Register as Content Publisher on Brave browser

Visit:  https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/  choose  GET STARTED  to register to become Content Publisher

What is Brave browser?  Guide to making money from Brave

Enter your Email and go to Email to confirm the registration.

After confirming the registration, you will need to set User for the account.

What is Brave browser?  Guide to making money from Brave

Brave will ask if you have set up “Set Up 2FA” 2-layer Security  right now, this is an option so you can skip and set up 2FA later. Here, VN Best Life chose Skip for Now  to skip this step.

What is Brave browser?  Guide to making money from Brave

Next step, You need to add your Content channels, such as Website, Youtube by clicking on + Add Channel

What is Brave browser?  Guide to making money from Brave

Select the Content Channel You want to make money from, including:

  • Website:  The website you own.
  • Youtube Channel: Your  youtube channel
  • Twitch Channel:  Twitch.tv account – the world’s largest game stream network.

Enter the domain name (your website address) and click Continue:

You follow the steps of Brave instructions to authenticate your Website as shown below:

What is Brave browser?  Guide to making money from Brave

Note:  in step 1 Install the Plugin, if you use WordPress, please go to the new install section and look for the name  “brave-payments-verification”  to find and install.

Activate and access Brave Payments Verification to paste the CODE segment Brave level above

Finally Click Verify on the Brave page in the previous step to confirm and this is the result of the website has been successfully added.

F – Bonus payment setup

After you’ve added your youtube channels and website to Brave Publisher then you need to set up holy math so that when the brave pays you bonuses, you’ll withdraw the money.

First you need to register for an UpHold account at the link: https://uphold.com/signup

Fill in the registration information and then follow its next steps, this part is quite simple so I don’t give much instructions, do it yourself.

Fill in the UpHold account registration information

After you have successfully registered your UpHold account, go back to the Brave Publisher Dashboard page. Click on the Connect to UpHold link.

Brave Payment and UpHold connection

Click the Authorize button

Granting UpHold

Next you will see a successful connection, click Change to set the currency you want to convert from the bonus BAT currency to

Successful connection

There are many currencies to convert, here I choose the USD corresponding to the transfer from BAT to USD

Choose payment currency

Later when you want to withdraw money, you can choose ” to Bank Account ” to withdraw money directly to your bank account. This is a list of countries where Uphold allows you to withdraw money to your bank account.

In the list above will not have Vietnam, so you can take advantage of Payoneer account to withdraw money.

Transfer money through banks

G – Conclusion

So Vn Best Life introduced you to a new web browser – Brave, based on BlockChain technology. With familiar interface like Chrome or Firefox, Brave does not make users feel strange and difficult to use. Besides, with the goal, the mission to change the way of looking at Web browsers, Brave focuses on privacy, fast speed, safety for users, and practical experience, showing that the front of Brave is both an expanding and developing future has outstanding capabilities, dominating existing web browsing applications.

Not only is browsing fast, safe, uninterrupted and completely free but also allows Users to make money on it, Brave is opening up the opportunity to connect, earn attractive income for ordinary users and Content publishers approach, widely used.

Brave is still improving, perfecting and VN Best Life will join you in watching the development of Brave in the future. But right now, try downloading Brave browser about trial  and comment of your own feelings about this application.

Good luck!